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What is the founder's doctrine?

 [What is the founder's doctrine]

In the 14th year of civilization (1482), Saemonnojo Ose (later founder, Setoguchi Bizen Morimasaki) decided to live swords from the 16-year-old day when he studied under Iizasa Choeisai, the founder of the Katori Shindo style.

He opened his eyes at the Kashima Temple, named his style Tenshinsho Jigenryu, and experienced the misery of human beings fighting each other due to the Onin War.

Contrary to the teachings of the teacher who wished for the symbiosis of all things, the ephemeral nature of life was extremely harsh and unrelenting, as described in the distant country.

Chosou, who went to Satsuma at the end of the southern country, decided that it was the place of his life and changed his first and last name to Setoguchi Bizen Morimasaki.

The teachings of Bizen Mamoru are roughly divided into two.












One is the way of the heart in life and the way of Buddha gained from many experiences of death.


The two are ways to reach the ultimate in sword maneuvering.

People tend to forget that they are moving from the day they were born to the final stage of their lives, but because of their limited life, they keep in mind how to practice and spend the day. He teaches that he must.

Then, he explained that it is meaningful to learn for the first time in the place where he practices for the harmony of the mind. The purpose of the training is to use the means as a source.

And, so that it can be summarized as "without doubting the second sword with the first sword", it was the basis of the Tenshinsho Jigen Ryuho to make a vow to fulfill the wishes by leading to all the ways with one way. It is.

Therefore, the name of the school was named "Tenshinsho Jigenryu", which was named after "Tenshinsho", which represents the god of Katori Kashima, the ancestor of Takeshi Honcho.



In the 5th year of Eisho (158), Bizen Mamoru became 77 years old, and by changing the character of [Akira] to [Source], he solidified the creation of the school.

               Tenshinsho Jigenryu

  [Source] is said to mean something that reveals the source of all things, comes from nothing, and follows all the reincarnations that return to nothing.

  Bizen Mamoru named not only the name of the school, but also the form of the divine revelation when Myojin appeared and became a "God-changing child" for all forms in the original stream. It is said that all of the original Minori forms were called "Songyo" because they are called "Songyo". ..

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