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Self-sourced teaching system

 [Self-sourced teaching system]

The Tenshinsho Jigen Ryuho method is a five-level class system established by the 22nd instructor, Ichie Ichie Ichishinsai (1713-1795), who became the founder of the Tenshinsho Jigen Ryuho Chuko.

Isshinsai has established a five-tiered position system that organizes and compiles the class system established by the founder Setoguchi Bizen Mamoru in stages.

First stage, first den / first list of associate licenses

Second rank, Nakaden / Associate license middle list

Sandannojo, Okuden / Licensed All-Den Oku Catalog

4th Danno, Soden / Licensed All Densui Catalog

5th Danno, No Ku / Secret Soden Complete Catalog

Currently, the folklore system has been established by the above five stages, and a folklore is awarded at each stage.

At the first Asakusa Naobukan Budojo, which was founded in 1964, the first dan title system as a traditional Japanese martial art was adopted at the suggestion of Prince Kaya Tsunenori, the Honorary Governor, and even now, Tenshinsho Jigen It is inherited by the Genryu Hyoho Ichimonkai.

● There are 8 dan levels from the first dan to the 8th dan.

● There are four titles: swordfighter, trainer, instructor, and hanshi.

[People in the ranks after 1964]

◆ First Den / First Catalog of Associate Licenses

Genshin Maeda Honorary Award, 7th Dan, Honorary Award, General Headquarters

Reishin Oshima Zhunzheng Master Jigenryuden Nakacho Swordsman Master



◆ Nakaden / List of associate licenses

Makoto Shinohara Instructor 6th Dan Ryugi General Headquarters Instructor

Yasuda Tsuyoshi Instructor 6th Dan Ryugi General Headquarters Master


Kage Ueno, Master of the 6th Dan Ryugi General Headquarters

◆ Okuden / License All Den Okuden

Makoto Hirota Honor Honor Awarded at the 8th Dan Goryu General Headquarters Honor Award

Satoru Takahashi, General Manager, 9th Dan, Honorary Governor of the Ryugi Ryugi

Internal note Iwashin Hanshi 8th Dan Tenshinsho Jigen Ryuho Chief Instructor

Hara Tetsushin Hanshi 8th Dan Tenshinsho Jigen Ryuho Chief Instructor

Akishin Kubota 7th Dan Tenshinsho Jigen Ryuho Chief Shihan

◆ General list / Licensed general list

Sugimura Aomine Hanshi 8th Dan Tenshinsho Jigen Ryuho Supreme Master

◆ No Sky / Secret General Catalog

Genki Ueno Tenshinsho Jigen Ryuho, Takuryu Shihan 28th General Shihan

Ueno Doshin Tenshinsho Jigen Ryuho, Toryu Shihan 29th Todai Soke

■ Notes

① Only those who have Japanese nationality can be awarded the position.

(2) The dismissed person will be deprived of all titles.


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