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Tenshinsho Jigen Ryuho Ryu Shihan, 28th Sosei Shihan

Ueno Keisuke

Sogo Budo Naobukan Chairman Genshinkai International Federation Representative Shihan

Tenshinsho Jigenryu Representative Director Naotake Ikuei Scholarship Society Chairman


         Abbreviation history 

Born in September 1954 in Izumi City, Kagoshima Prefecture, as the eldest son of Yasuyuki Ueno, the father who was the 27th successor to the Tenshinsho Jigen Ryuho.

Since he was 3 years old, he has been seriously learning and practicing Tenshinsho Jigen Ryuho from his father.

From the age of six, he received a special training in kendo at Kodansha Noma Dojo, and at that time, he asked Torao Mori, his father's best friend, as a kendo teacher.

In 1964, when he was 10 years old, he taught the boys' kendo club at the Shobukan Dojo in Asakusa, Tokyo, which was established by his father.

Trained in Kendo, Karate, Iaido, and other modern and ancient martial arts for decades.

Through a wide range of martial arts experience, he is 67 years old, and even today, three years after the age of old, he continues to practice every day with the theme of lifelong active duty.


The power to believe in yourself
Create the future

We humans are a fusion of the body and the soul, and we regard the separation of the soul from the body as death.

People have long wished for eternal life, and Qin Shi Huang sent followers from all over the world to search for eternal life.

But is the end of the body really the end of all life, the end of the soul?

The history of mankind is the history of struggle, and war begins only with different ideas.

Bizen Mamoru Setoguchi, the founder of Tenshinsho Jigen Ryuho, talks about the emptiness of human beings and the impermanence of the world in his "Denkokuki".

It can be said that many masters who lived in the world of swords indicate the path of "peace and eternity" in the same way.

In ancient tradition, it teaches us how people live and live as follows.

People say that they decide the length of their life before they are born.

And it is said that they generally decide when and how to die.

The human soul decides the challenges in this life before it is born.

The soul repeats regeneration over and over again, and this time it decides for itself what is born in this world to learn.

However, all of them are forgotten when they are born. Because if you know it, you will not be impressed.

It's interesting because unexpected situations unfold one after another, and it's wonderful to praise people's way of life and to be deeply moved.

The end of your journey will come without worrying about the length of your life.

It is important to enrich your daily life so that the day may come.

Live, thinking that Mahatma Gandhi will die tomorrow.

And learn, thinking that you will live forever.

I have left the words.

In Native American words ... you were crying when you were born, but everyone was laughing.

Everyone was crying when you died, but you were laughing. Live such a life.

Nichiren, a high priest in Kamakura, should live in the present, thinking that he is in the present. I'm telling you.

Life is a fate, and it is set to some extent before birth.

Some souls choose short-lived, others choose long-lived.

Happiness and unhappiness are not determined by the length of life.

What to do and how to live Life is a series of choices.

One of the options is to repeat your life many times throughout your life, love people, and be impressed.

What you learn through martial arts is different for each person, even if they have the same teaching skills and spiritual theory, but how they think and improve themselves.

There is no guarantee that a person's life will be wonderful just because he lived long.
What kind of experiences and impressions did you have and learned about love by living each day with great care?
How much did you polish your soul?
The founder, Bizen Mamoru Setoguchi, tells us that the quality of life is determined by it.

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