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Abolition of the Soke system

◆ Abolition of the Soke system by eliminating the apprenticeship system ◆

The Tenshinsho Jigen Ryuho has abolished the Soke system in the school masters who have continued to inherit the syllabary until January 1, 1945.

The Soke system in traditional Japanese martial arts has been positioned as a "Ryu school master" from the time of the creation of the school to the Meiji Restoration as a "Ryu school master", and since the Meiji era, it has been called "Ryu school Soke" and has the highest authority. I did.

It is the strict rules of the "apprenticeship system" that has been passed down since ancient times in Japan that have supported and built such a Soke system from the ground up.

The apprenticeship system builds the framework of training in strict martial arts and has the aspect of training for those who are restricted by strict rules.

What is common in the world that follows the apprenticeship system is that once you become an apprentice, you kill yourself thoroughly and, no matter what the unreasonable thing, keep the teacher's instructions.

Even in the Tenshinsho Jigen Ryuho, there was certainly a history of accomplishing the great work of the Meiji Restoration by sending out a large number of excellent human resources to the world by this apprenticeship system.

However, in modern times, it is time to share a world view that emphasizes each person's way of thinking and free thinking so that individual freedom and individuality are respected.

Therefore, we believe that it is necessary to have a new organizational system of martial arts that eliminates the negative legacy of the apprenticeship system, allows people to practice freely on an equal footing, and allows them to give their opinions based on their own will. I did.

For that purpose, we will eliminate the apprenticeship system and, as a martial arts enthusiast group, create an organization so that you can learn traditional martial arts purely freely and happily without being bound by the "rules" of the school without being bound by the past. We have to reform.

We believe that eliminating the apprenticeship system will abolish the Soke system of the highest authority, which will lead to the first step toward the future.

Therefore, from the 5th year of Eisho (1508), when the founding of the Goryu style, the apprenticeship system of the Tenshinsho Jigenryu military art, which has been inherited for 514 years, will be eliminated and the Soke system will be completely abolished. It was made.

As a result, Kagenori Ueno, the 28th generation, and Kagenori Ueno, the 29th generation, will end their roles as the last masters of the style in the history of style.

The family tree of the founder is the 4th generation of the Setoguchi family, the 3rd generation of the Yakumaru family, the 5th generation of the Mizoguchi family, and the 3rd generation of the Ueno family. Will propagate the teachings of.


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