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Military art biography commentary

 [Commentary on the military art biography]

  • Evidence and grounds for inheritance of the school


The orthodox succession of the Tenshinsho Jigen Ryuho is carried out with the "Soke" of the master family (Soke).

"Souden" is the "original book" of "History of style, Sodensho, Class catalog secretary" and "Founder, Bizen Bizen Morimasa folklore sword swing" that has been handed down by the masters.

Since ancient times, the school without "Souden" has a history of being strictly distinguished not as a school but as a deception of the school.

"Evidence" should be a "grounds for inheritance" rather than being made public, and is a treasure for the instructor .


(1)  Sodensho "Root Tan"

  [Root Tan] is an explanation of the tradition of the school, and describes the history of the founder and the roots leading up to the founder, and is the most important part of the succession of the school.









Tenshinsho Jigen Ryuho Soudensho The source of the preface is

"The first of the oppression styles is the first of the white source styles, and the Tenshin styles are the same. Nagamuneya Hitachi Province Kashima Daimeijin Shrine Head of the shrine, praying for the secret of the military art Setoguchi Bizen Morimasa Motoki Satsuma Io Taki Ni Goki Jigenbo Ni Ai Hite Mysterious Wo Enlightenment Shite Tenshinsho Jigen Ryu To No.

The founder, Saemonnojo Ose, became a vassal of the Shimazu clan and named himself Setoguchi Bizen Morimasaki.
The beginning of the school is the self-reliant self-reliance, and it shows that there is a history and a branch from the Tenshinsho Jigenryu to the return of the school name to the Tenshinsho Jigenryu.

In the origin of the school in the text of "Kyousho" written by Ichie Mizoguchi, the 22nd generation.









"If you visit Jigen-ryu and its source, Jigen-ryu, whose ancestor is Jigen-ryu with the Kashima sword, was the origin of the Satsuma feudal lord style. There are Jigen-ryu and Jigen-ryu in the Jigen-ryu. Started with Akiyuki Yao Betsuto and was originally praised as the headwaters. Established in Yakumaru and Chen Irido Jigen-ryu, which praises its own source, and uplifted to the path of human formation of Kenzen Ichiyo. "

At the beginning, he explained that he formed the basis of the Satsuma domain's style with Jiichibo as the originator of the school.
It also touches on the relationship between the self-sourced stream and the Jigen-ryu, and it is said that the self-sourced stream began with Akiyuki Yao Betto and was originally called the "source stream".

It is explained that Setoguchi Bizen Morimasaki praised Tenshinsho Jigenryu by merging various streams, established it in the place of Yakumaru and Chen Irido Josui, and raised the path to human formation.

(2) Tradition technology of own source

Techniques of self-origin that have been passed down to modern,
but in six of martial arts such as [Iaido surgery, fencing, long sword surgery, sōjutsu-棍法surgery, jiu-jitsu] in Bugeijuhappan, center Iaido surgery and swordsmanship is currently It is taught as .

In addition to the above, there are also [arching, equestrian, watercraft, and other military studies] that are described in the Sodensho, but we do not teach unless you have a personality of Okuden or higher in terms of technical personality.

If you are a person who learns the knowledge and culture necessary for modern Japanese and aims to further improve yourself, I will spare no effort to convey all the skills and teachings.

The original style of swordsmanship consists of Iaijutsu and Swordsmanship swords.

Battōjutsu is assembled in the form of fifty-six, three stages from the first den to the Okuden, and at the same time, you can also learn the kumita sword.

Next to Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu Gumi Tachi, there is a stick technique called "Tsunokon", which is a six-shaku club and a two-shaku club.

Next to the club, we will move on to spear art and then long sword art, but in the case of girls, we will perform denchu long sword art instead of spear art.

Jiu-jitsu is only available to those who wish to have a different performance.











(3) Technical list of swordsmanship and Iaijutsu


Sword technique ◆

Twelve Olympians

First stage, left elbow cutting Sankajo Kasa, So, Etsu (Ryu, so, Etsu)

2nd step, horizontal finger crossing 3 buns, full, roasted (sun, man, sen)

Sandan, Isotsuki Dragonfly Sankajo Hei, An, Kou

4th dan, cloudy swallow, 3rd diameter, road, true (Kei, Do, Shin)


Ten gods of honor

Ten Gods of God (Scissors) Scissors Tachi

Ten Gods of God (Ku) Rankatsuno Tachi


Ten Gods of God (Ku) No sleep sword


Seven-folded sword

  Aid, heavy hit, Isonami, Nyofu, lightning, Aichi M6A, gentle sword,


Honorable Hearing Spring Yin Yagami no Tachi

Four swords of sword, four swords of yin sword


Honorable Swallow Feiharu Five Articles Top Secret Sword


Five swords of the Tensho sword

Five swords of the Tensho sword


◆ Iaijutsu ◆, Takayuki Nukihokata Catalog


First list of quasi-licenses


Swallow, Tenchi, Kaede Ichimonji, Lightning , Cloudy, Koba Hidden, Maikaze, Ryuo, Kazeru, Saruma,

Shield compound, Tengu attack, Rankyoku, Koba Ran, Wind dragon, Ryuo compound, Meteor, Ran rainbow, Makigi, Akira car,

Dragonfly, Buddha, Repatriation, Dragonfly, Flying, Thunder, Light,


List of driver's licenses


Gale, Hanafubuki, on the haze, surf,如風, avalanche, Ceylan, water wheel, dragonfly Zan, moonlight, Shofu, Ryuokomo,

Windmill, willow return, yen flow, swallow return, shadow damage, lightning return,


Honorable Minden Oku Catalog


Honorable Top Secret Sword Secret Catalog



◆ Nodachi martial arts ◆


Ten swords for standing trees, ten swords for early swords, ten swords for swords, five swords for swords, five swords for hanging, five swords for long swords,


● The training of "Battoujutsu" has been practiced for many years, aiming for a higher rank as a goal of lifelong training. It is the self-sourced military method to practice 10,000 swords and swords.

And the compass of the training is the "Souden Catalog", and there are many internal elements such as how to practice, how to use the limbs and body, and how to prepare introspection. I teach the way to practice.

Founder Setoguchi Bizen Mamoru teaches the path to self-establishment in a very easy-to-understand manner.

It starts with braking yourself, and teaches that those who cannot brake themselves cannot control others.

The teachings of Soden are easy for anyone to understand, but even if you know and practice them and practice them throughout your life without knowing them, you cannot get them by chance.

This is called "Kaiken no Densetsu" and has been handed down as the secret of the family secret Ichiko Soden in the Tenshinsho Jigen Ryuho.






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